FashionHazy Dreamlike Editorials : Kamil Kiewel

Hazy Dreamlike Editorials : Kamil Kiewel

The Ones 2 Watch ‘In Dreams’ editorial spotlights muted, tailored menswear and dreamlike imagery that is lensed by photographer Kamil Kiewel. Kiewel also styles the image series alongside model Mariusz Kuzmicz, opting for beige tailored suiting, an oversized teddy fur coat, a classic black blazer and the iconic white cotton tank. The wardrobe picks are paired with simple leather accessories and the model’s metal piercings.

Collaborating with analog film developer Filip Karpinski and The Ones 2 Watch editor Rosie Daly, Kamil Kiewel brings this editorial’s dreamlike theme to life by juxtaposing fashion photography with striking landscape, sea and sky imagery. The theme is also elevated with hazy exposures and blur effects — captured on location at MLEKO Poznan with the help of Urszula Kaczmarek.

Image Credit: Kamil Kiewel

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