FashionGalactic-Themed Celebrity Cosmetics : rem beauty

Galactic-Themed Celebrity Cosmetics : rem beauty

r.e.m. beauty by Ariana Grande is a new space-inspired beauty brand that captures the spirit of the pop star’s persona, which draws from old sci-fi franchises, 60s fashion and other retro details. When creating the collection of products, Grande is said to have been influenced by icons like Barbarella and Twiggy, as well as Star Trek, Star Wars and jelly sandals.

Ultraviolet is the first drop from the brand and it kicks off with the brand’s own take on beauty essentials. With staples for the eyes, lips and face, the first release from r.e.m. beauty shares affordably priced products to help fans emulate the pop icon’s signature style. In the collection, there are products like the Midnight Shadows Liquid Eyeshadow, which is richly pigmented and packed into a pill-like applicator.

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