FashionEuphoric Booze-Free Beverages : kin bloom

Euphoric Booze-Free Beverages : kin bloom

Kin Euphorics, co-founded by Jen Batchelor and supermodel Bella Hadid, infuses a flowery blend of rosemary, strawberry, and citrus into its new ‘Kin Bloom’ beverage. Inspired by strawberry rosé, Kin Euphorics’ revitalizing, sparkling spirits deliver the “buzz without the booze,” allowing you to enjoy every summer social function without the negative side effects of alcohol.

The caffeine-free adult beverage contains a blend of nootropics and adaptogens, including Schisandra, damiana, and l-theanine. The beverage works to relax your mind, body, and soul, though Kin Euphorics recommends no more than four of their beverages within a 24-hour period. Designed to accompany only the best of summer’s memories, the ‘Kin Bloom’ eight-pack is sure to uplift your mood this season.

Image Credit: Kin Euphorics

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