FashionComfortably Stretchy Tennis Skirts : Stretchy tennis skirt

Comfortably Stretchy Tennis Skirts : Stretchy tennis skirt

Onzie’s new stylish and stretchy tennis skirt expands on the brand’s ethos; Onzie “believes in the power of moment” and by that, it means “the movement of thought, the movement of our bodies and the movement of our souls.”

Designed in sunny Venice, California, and made in the United States of America, the new Onzie stretchy tennis skirt is made to be highly comfortable and trustworthy during any activity. This silhouette is a first for the brand but Onzie has stayed true both in terms of high-quality fabric, as well as style-minded elements. The clothing is also high-waisted, ensuring security and support for the wearer. The silhouette also includes biker shorts underneath, which allows a certain degree of versatility in use.

Image Credit: Onzie

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