FashionClothing Customization Programs : utme

Clothing Customization Programs : utme

UNIQLO launched the ‘UTme!’ program at the CF Toronto Eaton Centre in Canada. This program will allow customers to either design their own t-shirt using tablets found in the store, or select a variety of locally designed artworks to imprint onto a t-shirt. For customers who are not confident of their artistic abilities, UNIQLO also allows customers to use photographs, stickers, text, and other convenient designing tools.

After completing a design, customers the shirt can be printed in just 15-minutes, at which point the customer will be able to purchase their creation in adult sizes for $29.90 and in kid sizes for $19.90. The printed t-shirts are from UNIQLO’s ‘UT’ line of 100% cotton shirts, meaning they are high quality. The UTme! program launches on May 13th, 2022.

Image Credit: UNIQLO

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