EventsWhat's Like an Airbnb for Baby Showers?

What’s Like an Airbnb for Baby Showers?

Should I use Airbnb for baby showers?

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In general, baby showers tend to be small and intimate events with relatively limited numbers of guests. At first, you might consider using an Airbnb rental as the venue for your gathering. After all, if you’ve had positive experiences with them previously, it makes sense that you would associate them with comfort and ease.

However, as great as Airbnb is for finding locations for overnight stays, locating an Airbnb that’ll function well as an event venue is much more challenging. The vast majority of Airbnbs do not host gatherings or events. Plus, when you book an Airbnb, you’re paying for a venue in 24-hour blocks. This can be a major waste of money when you only need a venue for a few hours!

Overall, using Airbnb for baby showers doesn’t make a ton of sense for a short-term party that’s only a few hours. However, we do have an alternative that’ll make things significantly simpler and more straightforward, all while saving you time and money.

Airbnb for Baby Showers
Source: Peerspace

If using Airbnb for baby showers is likely to create more difficulty than it’s worth, what should you do instead?

Check out Peerspace!

It is the internet’s largest marketplace for hourly venue rentals for all purposes, like events, meetings, and productions.

Peerspace is specifically designed to help you find spaces to host events like a baby shower. All venues are owned and operated by local hosts who are committed to helping you. Their venues are not only ideal for baby showers, but they can help ensure yours goes off smoothly.

Why use Peerspace to find the venue for my baby shower?

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Now you know Airbnb is not a great platform for booking a baby shower venue. But how do you know if Peerspace can actually be helpful to you?

Let’s go over what makes Peerspace a true standout in the peer-to-peer marketplace:

Peerspace is budget-friendly

For starters, using Peerspace makes a lot more financial sense. When you rent an Airbnb, there’s an implicit assumption that you’ll be staying there for at least one night.

But in the case of a baby shower, this is superfluous. You’ll really only need your space of choice during the day, so why spend extra for an overnight rental? Peerspaces also include the pricing upfront on their listings, with no hidden fees of any kind.

Peerspace’s selection is unmatched

Additionally, Peerspace’s selection of event venues is unlike any other available on the internet. It offers you access to venues in hundreds of cities across the U.S., Canada, the U.K., and beyond.

Overall, there are thousands upon thousands of unique spaces suited to all kinds of events, like art galleries, lofts, cafes, and penthouses. If you can imagine a space, it’s very likely to be available for rent via Peerspace!

Peerspace is user-friendly

Although the site’s selection is so massive, it’s never a struggle to find the perfect location for your baby shower. That’s because Peerspace’s search tool is also totally intuitive and easy to use.

To start, you simply input that you’re looking for a baby shower venue and include your city of choice on the homepage. And if you already happen to know the date when the baby shower will be taking place, you can include that as well, to limit your search results to listings that will be available on that day.  

Depending on your location, hundreds of spaces may populate once you hit search. But rather than going through each of these hundreds of listings individually, you can add more filters to your search and locate the spaces that fit your exact parameters. Narrow it all down by price, the number of attendees, time of day, amenities, and even keywords.

Each venue has its own listing that provides high-quality photos and in-depth descriptions of the space. You can also read real reviews by those who’ve used it in the past. All of this adds up to finding your dream baby shower venue without even having to visit the venue in person before booking.

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