EventsSkift Meetings Awards 2023: Meet the Winners

Skift Meetings Awards 2023: Meet the Winners

Most Innovative Event Technology Product


Wordly uses AI to deliver high quality, easy to implement, and affordable live translation into the 30 most common international business languages, making events more inclusive, engaging, and productive for everyone.

Wordly is a comprehensive solution providing 4 products (translated audio, captions, subtitles, and transcripts) and supporting 5 event formats (in-person, virtual, webinar, hybrid, and video) through a secure cloud network.

Wordly 3.0 was introduced in early 2023 and added several game changing features – including Natural Sounding Voices to improve the audio experience; Customizable Glossaries to increase translation quality; Video Captioning to expand the use of on-demand content; Translated Transcripts to support the needs of global teams; and Developer APIs to enable easy integration with leading event management platforms like Cvent.

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