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Building Sponsor-Worthy Event Experiences – Stova

Attracting attendees to in-person events is becoming increasingly challenging in today’s landscape. Lower attendance is reported for major trade shows, while virtual options gain traction due to budget constraints, sustainability concerns, and remote work preferences. As a result, sponsors and exhibitors are reevaluating their participation, seeking higher returns on investment and greater visibility.


Our latest eBook, “Building Sponsor-Worthy Event Experiences,” addresses this new reality in the meetings and events industry. It provides insights into what attendees desire from business events now and highlights the importance of creating high-engagement sponsorship opportunities that align with their expectations and deliver exceptional value.


What You’ll Discover


Inside our eBook, you’ll find practical tips, examples, and suggestions to help you implement these sponsorship opportunities effectively. We share strategies and ideas in six key areas:


  1. Improved sponsor networking
  2. Fostering interactive and educational experiences
  3. Connecting audiences with sponsoring brands
  4. Creating fun and engaging experiences for attendees
  5. Extending reach and brand exposure beyond the event through digital assets
  6. Implementing gamification to boost attendee engagement


By leveraging these sponsorship strategies, you can deliver a curated, high-value experience for attendees while providing sponsors with the visibility and leads they seek. Whether you are organizing in-person, virtual, or hybrid events, this eBook will equip you with the knowledge and tools to revolutionize your event experience.

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