Events13 Special 25th Anniversary Ideas

13 Special 25th Anniversary Ideas

Has it really been 25 years already?! Time flies when you’re in love! Celebrate your love for each other with these special 25th-anniversary party ideas that are sure to make the memory books.

1. Rent an unforgettable venue

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Renting a venue can make all your 25th-anniversary party ideas and plans just that much more special! Invite your friends to get out of the house and celebrate your anniversary in a unique and beautiful location. On Peerspace you can choose from options like a historic mansion to wine and dine your guests to a spacious ranch with plenty of activities to keep everyone entertained! But most importantly, find a space that speaks to you and your significant other because your anniversary is all about you two!

2. Take that much needed vacation

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After 25 years of marriage, you deserve a vacation together! Take a week or two to relive your honeymoon, go on a vacation you have always dreamed of or invite your friends to go with you on a couple’s cruise! U.S. News has a list of 12 romantic vacation destinations in the U.S. if you are looking for some fun ideas.

3. Go for a polished look

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Stay true to tradition and deck your 25th anniversary party out in silver! Silver is a great metaphor for a 25-year long marriage: it’s a precious metal that stands the test of time and if you keep it polished, it shines for years to come! Silver-colored decorations are a great addition to a 25th-anniversary party, and the metal itself makes for a great anniversary gift, like silver earrings, cuff-links, or a silver wristwatch. For something a bit more unique, how about a classy silver sculpture?

4. Brighten the room with irises

iris 25th anniversary party flower
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Another fun decoration idea for your 25th anniversary is irises! Irises are the 25th-anniversary flower and would make for a beautiful table centerpiece on the dinner table or even a gift for your significant other!

5. Say cheese!

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A couple’s portrait is a beautiful way to memorialize your 25th wedding anniversary! Peerspace has plenty of suggestions for couples’ photoshoots around the country — check out these great options in Atlanta, Seattle, and Los Angeles or search your city on Peerspace for other photoshoot ideas and venues!

6. Dinner for two … or 32!

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It’s common to go out for dinner on your anniversary, but how about making this anniversary special by inviting all your friends out to dinner with you? On Peerspace, you can find venues that come with on-site catering, like this beautiful award-winning space in Vista, California (pictured above). Or, use Peerspace Concierge to help you find the perfect caterer for your event. If you are looking to personalize your menu, this catering menu template can help you order the perfect meals and amounts!

7. Renew your vows

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One of the most beautiful 25th-anniversary party ideas is celebrating your love with a vow renewal ceremony! Reread your vows from 25 years ago, write new ones that reflect how you have grown as a couple and as an absolutely unforgettable anniversary gift— frame your vows for your spouse to display proudly at home (you can hire a calligrapher on Etsy to handwrite them out for you).  

8. Revisit your first date spot

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If you had a spectacular first date — why not revisit the spot during your party? Hosting your party at or near your first date location (or where you got engaged) is a fun way to involve all your friends in the growth and memories of your relationship.

9. Celebrating your top 25 memories

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Take a walk down memory lane and base all your 25th-anniversary party ideas off of your favorite past dates. Choose 25 of your favorite memories throughout your relationship and find ways to incorporate them into your anniversary party! Drank a great bottle of wine on your 5th anniversary? Serve it at the party! Had an amazing trip to the Caribbean 15 years ago? Make your party island-themed!

10. Spa day!

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If you aren’t sure a big party is right for you on your 25th anniversary, how about a relaxing day at the spa instead? Invite a few friends or just spend time with your significant other while you pamper yourselves at the spa.

11. Romantic karaoke

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Woo your spouse with a romantic serenade at the party! A romantic karaoke playlist can be a great way to get people onto the dance floor and singing along to their favorite date night tunes. Get everyone involved and ask all your guests to choose their favorite songs and perform their own serenades to their spouses at the party too!

12. Take my breath away

skydivers in the sky
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25 seconds of adrenaline to celebrate 25 years of marriage— try skydiving for an anniversary thrill! And no excuses, like you are too old to try skydiving— check out the video of this 90-year-old couple skydiving for their 73rd wedding anniversary.

13. Do something new

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Your 25th wedding anniversary party ideas don’t just have to be about memories — your party plans can also be about new adventures! Try something new like hiring a chef to teach you how to make a new food, traveling somewhere you’ve never been before, or buying something big you have both always wanted (maybe a classic car or a stylish boat?) and make it a focal point of your party!

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