Events13 Creative Pool Party Decoration Ideas

13 Creative Pool Party Decoration Ideas

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String lights are a go-to way to elevate any pool. These magical little lights are a simple way to create a dreamy atmosphere that’s sure to help your guests relax.

Check out the way this pool in Scottsdale, AZ, uses string lights to highlight the surroundings. They keep the rest of the space simple and allow the string lights to enhance the pool and the home itself.

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Neon lights are another fun way to play with magical lighting at your pool party. You could bring along glow-in-the-dark party supplies, or glow sticks to hand out to guests.

Those light-up decorations would look even cooler at a pool that already incorporates lights into the decor – like this neon-lit pool in Miami. It’s the perfect place to host a pool party and is further decorated by a fire pit, grafittied walls, a ping-pong table, and of course, that gorgeous pool.

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A firepit might not be a typical party decoration. But they’re a wonderful way to set the atmosphere at a pool party–or warm up after a long day in the cool water.

Look for Peerspace pools that incorporate firepits in their outdoor spaces, like this Jurupa Valley pool and backyard paradise. This pool also features a photogenic daybed, swim-up bar, grotto, and waterfalls, helping you max out on all the best pool party decorations in one spot!

“Brent is an incredible host who is super responsive, accommodating, and kind,” shares a Peerspace reviewer about this venue’s owner. “He made sure that we would have a great time at the pool, which is even better than advertised. The waterfalls, water slide, hot tub, poolside bar, and everything else you see here make for a spacious, and exciting place for any kind of gathering.”

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Here’s a great pool party decoration idea for artistic types. If you’ve got some spare posterboard lying around, why not paint a cute design that suits the vibe of your pool party? You could paint a neon sunset for a beachy feeling, or jungle foliage for an immersive tropical effect.

If you’re short on time or not feeling creative, keep an eye out for Peerspace venues that already have artistic touches built-in for you. This cute Scottsdale pool features a hand-painted mural that looks amazing in photos!

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Cardboard cutouts provide a fun opportunity for photo-ops. So why not bring along some cardboard cutouts of your favorite characters as pool party decor?

This Los Angeles pool features cutouts of characters like Mickey and Minnie, as well as plenty of other whimsical and totally adorable touches. Seriously, every nook and cranny of this pool is pre-decorated for you. Come see for yourself on the pool’s Peerspace listing and book it today.

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Do you love the idea of swimming in a jungle watering hole? Bring along some potted tropical plants or artificial flowers to help set an immersive scene for your pool party.

If you want to go above and beyond, this luxurious Peerspace pool looks like a real-life oasis. There are even towering palm trees alongside bamboo palapas edging the pool. How awesome is that? You’ve got to see it for yourself on Peerspace.

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What’s a pool party without some coloful floaties? Not one we’d ever want to go to! That’s what your pool party decoration ideas must include some cute inflatables to enhance the atmosphere.

For instance, this Las Vegas pool at The Pink Palace includes colorful inner tubes, a unicorn inflatable lounger, inflatable transparent spheres, and of course, the big pink flamingo inner tube!

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