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12 Fun Bachelorette Party Decoration Ideas To Keep Things Creative

On the lookout for fun and unique bachelorette party decoration ideas? Then Peerspace is here to help! Once we reach a certain age, we’ve attended so many bachelorette parties that we can’t keep track of them all. And once you’ve seen one bachelorette party, you’ve seen them all, right? Maybe a few stand out in your mind as either delightful or disastrous. If you’re in charge of throwing yet another of these milestone markers – which are still incredibly important to brides-to-be, after all – spice things up thoughtfully just for her.

Here are 12 fun and creative decoration ideas that will help you make a truly memorable bachelorette party – in the best possible way.

1. Savor a wine tasting

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Host an intimate wine-tasting bachelorette party in a relaxed setting like this classy Peerspace estate in the Hudson Valley. It’s always helpful to switch up the party setting from predictable to fantastic. But where can you find creative settings? The answer is Peerspace. Peerspace is the number one online platform to rent peer-to-peer venues by the hour. Peerspaces range from mansions to museums, pop-ups to photo studios, and they’re in hundreds of cities in the US and beyond.

The Hudson Valley venue boasts an impressive wine cellar, a private bar, and beautiful grounds that will be easy to decorate creatively. The Hudson Valley is spectacularly bountiful, so you can bring in local elements like fresh herbs, fruits, and vines. Savory appetizers will serve as decorations on their own. Set the mood with candles or LED lights in upcycled glass lanterns.

2. Host a classy clothing swap

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Bored by tired bachelorette party games? Host a fun clothing swap instead. Brides-to-be can expand their wardrobe at their own bachelorette party! Ask guests to bring gently used designer and vintage finds. As the host, you can set up rolling racks and creatively decorate the “shoppe” with coordinated garlands, collector hangers, luxe fabric, and metallic elements. Include changing area behind velvet curtains and craft a display area for accessories and shoes.

3. Countrify with cowgirl glam

so arizona ranch house
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You can’t take the country out of the girl – not even urban bachelorettes. For her party, put on a true Wild West adventure. Stage it at this authentic Southern Arizona ranch Peerspace venue near Sonoita, Arizona – an unexpected high desert wine region known for epic sunsets and big reds. To decorate the bachelorette party Peerspace creatively, go country style with gingham, leather, and lace. Make table runners using iconic elements like burlap jazzed up with rhinestones. Succulents are all the rage for table décor, and they make great take-home gifts for local guests.

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4. Enjoy a juicy bachelorette party

Rent A Mansion in Washington D.C.
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Health-conscious or sober brides-to-be will appreciate a refreshing feast of superfoods and fresh juices for her bachelorette party. Host the soiree in a home with a well-equipped kitchen, like this Washington, DC mansion. There are no rules against mixing vice and virtue – spiked fresh fruit juice is always popular among guests who imbibe. The citrus theme we are seeing everywhere makes for a fresh décor scheme. To set the stage, put out bowls of fresh produce along with Gerbera daisies for a cheerful green, yellow, and orange color palate.

5. Conjure a vintage apothecary

urban botanical speakeasy in nyc
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Imagine an herbalist’s dream bachelorette party. It’s an enchanted temporary apothecary, decorated with potted plants and flowers, enhanced with diffused essential oil. In fact, why not host this evening to remember at this magical speakeasy in Manhattan? You might also handcraft delicious elixirs served from a crystal punchbowl and garnished with fresh lavender.

Guest and bridal gifts of imported teas and DIY bath products also double as decoration.

6. Make the bride-to-be a mock music festival

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Festival enthusiasts will love a thoughtful party reminiscent of their favorite adventures. DJ a playlist from the bride-to-be’s favorite events, and then scatter around printed cards with song lists and QR codes to download tracks. To up the fun quotient, make it a dance party. Decorate the space with paper lanterns and strew sparkly lighting and blingy bead strands everywhere. Ensure to also decorate the guests with body glitter – natural mica is available as a sustainable option – and ribbon and glass bead hair clips can serve as pretty gifts.

7. MidMod shindig

Bachelorette Party Decoration Ideas
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Mid-century modern style is always in fashion, so why not host a bachelorette party in homage of this classic aesthetic? You can make the get-together extra special by staging it in this mid-century modern home in Berkeley, California. Its spacious, updated kitchen will be perfect for cooking up those throwback pass-around appetizers, which will shine under the house’s beautiful lighting. For decoration, craft some easy DIY backdrops by spray painting wooden lattices in metallic colors and set them around to mimic those retro ’50s room dividers.

8. Host an arts make-and-take to remember

san diego offsite and workshop
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Artsy brides-to-be and their besties love making things together. Design a creative guided bachelorette party where guests can craft the décor in real-time. Have everyone collage vision boards to manifest the couple’s post-wedding bliss. Then even self-proclaimed “non-artists” will have something to take home from the event. To decorate, find fancy frames for the collages, or scatter upcycled planters to give them a new life. Go for paper flower garlands, maybe some pinwheels, and also some art supplies.

9. Retreat into healthy vibes

Bachelorette Party Decoration Ideas
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Enjoy a calming bachelorette party hosted at a retreat center. For example, this well-appointed wellness haven in Hoffman Estates, Illinois has everything you need to present the bride-to-be with a chill celebration. Guests can enjoy guided relaxation and offer positive intentions for the bride. The facility already comes appropriately decorated but you might bring in more items like fresh foliage, stone and crystal assemblages, chimes, and bells. While this retreat center is only available Fridays through Sundays, all ages are welcome to enjoy the space.

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10. Craft food together

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Perhaps the bride-to-be already has a solid relationship with cooking. If she loves it, then why not throw her a cooking class as a bachelorette party? Together, she and her foodie friends can craft some of her and her future spouse’s all-time favorite dishes. The beautiful food everyone creates can also serve as tasty bachelorette party decoration ideas. You can also hand out aprons and tea towels for that extra touch.

11. Take boudoir photos

vintage hollywood perfume parlor
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A special, intimate bachelorette party idea is to take sensual boudoir photos to affirm and celebrate the unique beauty of the bride and her friends. The traditional lingerie party vibe can range from mild to wild. Decorate with luxurious comfort in mind, set mood lighting, and accessorize with tulle puffballs and roses. You might also take photos at this Victorian-themed parlor in Hollywood, California, where the vintage furnishings are on point, including a velvet and leather chaise lounge.

12. Choose a star-themed party

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Celestial themes are in style for bachelorette parties, with motifs ranging from astronomy to astrology taking center stage. Decorate the party space with hanging paper starbursts, moons, and planets. Also include the happy couple’s astrology sign symbols for a mystical atmosphere. More starry bachelorette party decoration ideas include festive vases of flowers and metallic celestial elements, vintage fortune-telling icons like Magic 8 balls, tarot cards, origami paper oracles, and dry ice for that extra misty vibe.

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