Equipment15 mph Treadmills - The Best Treadmills That Go Over 15 MPH

15 mph Treadmills – The Best Treadmills That Go Over 15 MPH

A 15 MPH home treadmill can keep pace with a four-minute mile – which is pretty nippy, even by competitive racing standards!

Most people look for a 15 MPH treadmill to incorporate sprint training or time trials into their workouts, and there is (of course) always the option to scale back the speed if you’re looking for something more leisurely.

The beauty is that a 15 MPH treadmill can do it all – super-fast HIIT sessions, short, fast runs, or longer inclines, depending on the workout that suits your mood.

Modern home treadmills are better than ever, with entertainment features, pre-programmed workouts, and heart rate monitors built-in – we’ve examined six of the best 15 MPH treadmills you can buy to help you decide.

If you’re short on time and want a quick recommendation, here’s our first place winner:

Note that the PhysioMill treadmill shows a 12 MPH spec, but this appears to be outdated since the model features include a hi-torque motor capable of a pace of 15 MPH.

The Best Treadmills Over 15 MPH for Home Use

Our list runs from one to six, exploring the best treadmills available with a speed of around 15 MPH and available for direct home delivery.

The HCI treadmill is built like a proper medical rehab walking track, with grab bars the full length of the deck and starting from 0.1 MPH, so you can walk very slowly, to begin with – especially if you’re recovering from a procedure or injury.

Although the frame is plastic, it’s reinforced and strong, capable of handling user weights of up to 500 lb, so it’s a tough bit of kit that won’t wobble or break after extended use.

You get a four HP motor with zero start functionality and a 15% incline adjustment to walk uphill or downhill at your chosen pace.

The belt is extra-wide at 20 x 63″, so while you’ll need a fairly large amount of storage space, the treadmill allows you to reach your full stride even if you are taller and running at a flat-out sprint.


  • Speed limit: 15 MPH
  • Rated five stars after two reviews
  • Heavy-duty machine suited up to 500 lb
  • Full-length medical support bars
  • Large easy-read digital monitor
  • Low height step-up profile

  • Takes quite a while to assemble
  • Requires two or more people to move

Brand video link:

The HCI treadmill is called a ‘walking’ model, but with a high-powered motor and a top speed of 15 MPH, it’s equally suited to faster runs, sprint training, or longer-paced workouts.

The Precor treadmill exceeds our 15 MPH speed capacity by one mile and includes a control system called Ground Effects Impact, designed to avoid injuries or excessive stress on your joints.

This model has a built-in touch sensor that tracks your heart rate and a transmitter compatible with a chest strap.

Pick from 25 workout programs, with speeds available from 0.5 MPH to 16 MPH, and you get a console that shows you a wide range of metrics, including your speed, incline, calories burned, heart rate time, and calories per minute or hour and your workout summary.

Touch sensors on the handlebars provide accurate monitoring, plus you have a lifetime warranty on the frame and a rigid backplate on the deck to help you get a good push-off.


  • Speed limit: 16 MPH
  • Rated two after two reviews
  • Generous 60-inch deck length
  • Made from tough alloy steel (ready-assembled)
  • Lifetime warranty on the frame and welds
  • Incline up to 15 degrees

  • Shorter warranty on parts

Unusually, this 15 MPH treadmill comes pre-assembled, so it doesn’t require any work when it arrives.

The Star Trac 8 Series is a powder-coated steel treadmill with a frame in silver, slate gray, and black, with an LCD incorporating Bluetooth connectivity, a USB port, a cooling fan, and a backlight to view the screen in darker conditions.

This treadmill caters to users up to 500 lb, so it’s a sturdy machine with an incline range from zero and up to 20% – it switches upward in 0.5% gradients to customize it to a broad range of workouts.

Each unit comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, covering the frame and components for ten years, motor and labor for five years, and wear and tear on other parts for one year.

The running track is large enough to accommodate most heights, at 60 x 21.5 inches, with a Hot Bar that offers controls to manage stop/start functions, speed, elevation, and heart rate monitoring.


  • Speed limit: 15 MPH
  • Rated four after 15 reviews
  • Incline levels up to 20 degrees
  • Custom powder-coated steel frame
  • Shock absorption cushioning system
  • Max user capacity of 500 lb

  • Fairly high 10″ step-up height

The Soft Trac system says that it provides triple cushioning, with a range of features built into the console to help maximize user comfort while running or jogging.

The E-TRx treadmill is large and heavy-duty, with a maximum user weight of 500 lb, a five HP motor, and triple-cell cushioning built into the track to avoid impacts.

Curved handrails add a modern aesthetic, and you can use the hot bar to change your speed, incline, or workout program with one-touch controls.

The incline goes up to 20%, offering the ability to train uphill or downhill and target different muscle groups or add to the intensity of a more challenging running session.

This treadmill model includes dual fans you can adjust, with metrics like your heart rate, speed, workout time, and distance covered displayed on the large, raised screen.


  • Speed limit: 15 MPH
  • Robust five HP motor
  • Sleek slate gray/silver design
  • Curved wraparound aero hand bars
  • 12 pre-programmed settings
  • 20% max incline gradient

  • The warranty period is only 90 days

The Safety Lockout Control is a plus point if you have kids since you can automatically stop the track or secure your treadmill when you’re not using it.

The fifth model on our list is the Star Trac 8 Series TR, another model from this manufacturer that seems to specialize in higher-speed treadmills for home use.

The workout machine includes a shock absorption system with triple cell cushioning to avoid jarring impacts on your knees, ankles, and hips when you run at a faster pace.

This treadmill is suited to most users with a 500 lb weight limit. Although it reaches a top speed of 14 MPH, it is slightly slower than some other models we’ve looked at.

The uplift is the LCD screen which is easy to use, with a keypad to program workouts or review performance and customizable settings.


  • Speed limit: 14 MPH
  • User limit of 500 lb
  • Keypad and integrated console display
  • Triple cell shock absorption
  • Clear LCD system
  • Includes a heart rate display

  • The pretty steep price point
  • Not quite 15 MPH

This Star Trac treadmill weighs 576 lb in the box, owing to a heavy powder-coated steel frame, so we’d recommend having one or two friends to help with moving it into position.

Finally, we have the Star Trac 10 Series, a treadmill with a lightweight aluminum deck built into a polymer suspension mechanism that boosts responsiveness and cushioning.

The Hot Bar is positioned with a one-finger control system, where you can change the elevation, press a quick stop button, or use the heart rate grips to monitor your performance.

You get the 15 MPH maximum speed we’re looking for, an incline that goes up to 20%, and a weight capacity of 500 lb, suitable for any runner size.

Connect the GymKit console to your Apple Watch if you want to integrate with an existing fitness tracker.


  • Speed limit: 15 MPH
  • 14 pre-set workout programs
  • Up to 20-degree incline settings
  • The unique patented suspension system
  • Integrates with Apple Watch fitness trackers
  • User capacity of 500 lb

  • The warranty is limited to between five and ten years

The HexDeck System is only available on this treadmill model, designed to feel more like you’re running on a track than on a treadmill.

The Benefits of a 15 MPH Home Treadmill

There are multiple reasons you might prefer to work out on a treadmill at home rather than lacing up your trainers and walking or jogging outdoors.

Poor weather, cold temperatures, safety aspects, or a lack of confidence can make it easy to skip exercise – but a treadmill makes it easy.

Choosing a great treadmill with a high maximum speed means that you can focus on improving your health, endurance, and fitness, even if you only have the time to schedule a quick workout each day.

Other benefits of having a treadmill include:

  • Cardio fitness – the ideal heart rate is about 60 – 80% of your max, and it’s simple to control this when you have a treadmill with a live display and a heart rate monitor. If you can maintain a higher heart rate, you can improve your health benefits without needing to risk injury.
  • Reduced safety concerns – running or walking outside can cause havoc with your joints, especially if you’re running on concrete or tarmac. Cushioning systems in treadmills protect your joints, so it isn’t an ongoing concern.
  • Enhanced endurance – you don’t need to run at maximum speed every day to see a change in your endurance levels. Walking increases your stamina throughout your body and can benefit your brain functions, lungs, and heart.

We recommend picking a 15 MPH treadmill with an adjustable incline to avoid boring, repetitive workouts that are hard to maintain enthusiasm for.

An incline can also be a great way to ease the stress on your joints, boost your calorie burn, or build sharper muscle definition in your legs.

Most treadmills have an incline that reaches 10, 15, or 20 degrees, and each of the models we’ve reviewed here is at the upper end of the scale – you can burn almost as many calories with a brisk, uphill walk as you would at running pace.

Safety Tips for 15 MPH Treadmills

Following the recent news about accidents involving the Peloton Tread+, treadmill safety has been in the spotlight – although, with some general precautions, a treadmill can be a safe, secure, and beneficial workout item to have in your home.

The key is to remember that treadmills are large, heavy, and powerful, with belts that can run quickly, especially if you buy a 15 MPH model.

Our safety tips include:

  • Being conscious of kids and pets. A heavy-duty treadmill is not designed for children, and they should never be allowed to operate the controls or play on the treadmill without constant supervision. It is very easy to press one-touch controls and reach very fast speeds!
  • Leave plenty of room. The ideal is six feet behind the treadmill and two feet around the other sides. If you were to fall or stumble during a workout, you wouldn’t make contact with a wall or any furniture and minimize any potential for injury.
  • Use the safety keys. Every treadmill comes with a safety key or an emergency stop button, and they’re there for a reason. If you’ve overestimated your stamina, increased the speed too much, or need to stop for a breather, it’s important to turn off the machine properly. A safety clip attaches to your shirt – if you start to drift too far away from the console and it detaches, the treadmill will automatically stop the belt.
  • Start with your feet on either side. It’s common to stand on the belt and then turn the machine on, but you need to do it the other way around. Some treadmills start at the minimum speed (usually 0.5 MPH), but others resume the pace you finished your last workout at. To avoid falling, you should always straddle the belt and step onto it when it’s started moving at a warm-up pace.
  • Don’t step directly off. When your legs are tired, they’re naturally a little shaky. If you try to step onto the floor when the belt is still moving, you’ll need to adjust your balance – and will often fall. Reduce the speed gradually, and step off when it has come to a stop.

Other safety tips relate to the maintenance of your treadmill. Ensure it is correctly assembled before you use any of the controls.

You should normally lubricate a machine (check the instruction booklet) and tighten any loose bolts after a few uses since they may become a little slack if you have completed a few hard training sessions.

What to Look for in a 15 MPH Treadmill

The thing to bear in mind is that even folding treadmills with comparably small footprints are fairly large pieces of equipment, and it’s rare that an electric workout machine will be discreet enough to store in a corner.

You can tip and roll most good treadmills if you need to move them into another room, but some of these models accommodate up to 500 lb in user weight, and they’re anything but light.

Some of the most important factors in selecting a great 15 MPH treadmill are:

  • Checking the ceiling height. Add a good 15″ to your size, and you’ll have a reasonable idea about whether a treadmill will fit into your living space. If you’re 6″ (183 cm), you need a 7’3 inch ceiling height.
  • Measure the surrounding space. The general guideline is to have three feet of clear space as a minimum – six feet behind the treadmill is better.
  • Look at whether your floor is level. If not, you might find that your treadmill rocks or tilts when you’re working out because the four contact points aren’t flush with the floor.
  • Try to connect your treadmill to an independent electrical circuit. It’s rarely a good idea to run a high-powered 15 MPH treadmill from an extension cord, and the surge of power could overload your entire system and leave you with a tripped fuse!

Finally, take careful stock of the weight and measurements of the treadmills on your shortlist. They often look much smaller in pictures and can be difficult to return or move back downstairs, so get a tape measure before deciding.

FAQs – Choosing the Best Treadmill That Goes Over 15 MPH

We’ve run through a few of the common questions we receive about 15 MPH treadmills to resolve some of your queries!

Is There a Good or Bad Time to Buy a 15 MPH Treadmill?

We appreciate that quality treadmills aren’t the cheapest piece of equipment to buy, so there are a few ways to try and ensure you get the best value deal possible.

Most sports equipment manufacturers offer discounts and incentives around January (hitting the New Year resolution market) and during big events such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Another excellent time to buy is in June because most retailers clear inventory before the summer and offer bargain prices.

This period is when most states get warmer and demand for at-home gear wanes, so it’s a valuable time to be in the market for a treadmill.

What Does 15 MPH on a Treadmill Mean?

As we’ve mentioned, 15 MPH doesn’t sound amazingly fast – but it’s very speedy.

To reach 15 MPH, you’d need to run four-minute miles.

If we put that into perspective, Usain Bolt’s world record 100-meter time is around a two-minute mile – although club runners and competitive racers might get close.

Just under 1,500 people have ever run faster than a four-minute mile, but it’s a great capacity for a treadmill because you can build in quick, short bursts at a sprint in between more gentle runs to get your heart rate pumping and activate those fast-twitch muscle fibers.

What Speed Should I Use on a Treadmill as a Beginner?

We always recommend you start slowly. Not because you aren’t necessarily capable of putting in some great speeds, but because running on a treadmill isn’t the same as running outdoors.

You’ll find differences in the tempo, incline, and deck, so don’t push yourself too fast, too soon, or you might get sore muscles or even potential injuries.

The ideal treadmill workout involves a three-minute activity at about three MPH, and then you can start building momentum when you’re comfortable with the track and controls.

Don’t measure yourself against anyone else; you’re investing in your health and fitness, so take it at your pace, and you’ll make the most of your brand-new treadmill.


This list of reviews considers home treadmill models in a range of brands and sizes that offer a maximum speed of 15 MPH.

Even though that rate might not sound impressive for a vehicle, please remember that for a runner, 15 MPH is extremely fast – and you need to spend some time familiarizing yourself with the controls before you attempt an all-out sprint.

The key to buying the right treadmill is to take your time to think about the features you require, ensure your exercise machine is correctly assembled, and remember to incorporate warm-ups and cool-downs in each session.

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