DanceTips for Nailing Your Next Dance Comp — A Dancer's Life

Tips for Nailing Your Next Dance Comp — A Dancer’s Life


This doesn’t just mean rehearsing for the routine. This also includes preparing your snacks and drinks for the upcoming day in advance, ensuring your costumes are ready to go and preparing an emergency kit (spare tights/socks, safety pins, threat and needle, bobby pins, hair ties, bun nets, tissues, makeup wipes, hairspray, eyelash glue). Costume malfunctions may be out of your control but there’s no excuse for poor presentation! It’s also a good idea to find out where the venue is located before the big day and working out the best route to get there to determine how much time you’ll need. Many competitions are held at convention centres, school theatres or similar venues. Ensure you’ve looked at the correct entrance to the building, best place for parking, and whether there are any roadworks or road closures that could take you longer to get there.

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