DanceThe Benefits of Pilates for a Dancer — A Dancer's Life

The Benefits of Pilates for a Dancer — A Dancer’s Life

As dancers are aware, specific muscle groups and body parts require continuous use, not only when in the studio but throughout day-to-day activities. Have you ever wondered how a pirouette or straddle jump appeared so effortless? Our answer is with great dedication, time, focus and strength built through dance or exercise. Pilates is a form of physical activity that can target different areas of your body and have an array of benefits for dancers and those in recovery. The next time you’re wishing to pursue a new fitness outlet, consider some of the positives obtained from pilates that we’ve listed below!


Joseph Pilates formed pilates in the 20th century when it acted as a way of decreasing the chance of injury, building strength and became a rehabilitation method. When Joseph’s first studio in New York was formed, dancers were one of the performers who joined. After he worked alongside George Balanchine, the founder of The School of American Ballet, dancers became intrigued by his craft and were eager to learn more about how the body functions. Today, pilates is not only open to performers but to the public.

Its purpose is to enhance the coordination of breath and movement. This type of exercise is low impact on joints and involves a fluid approach to movement. Unlike other forms of physical activity, pilates focuses on toning muscles as opposed to gaining muscle. One of its main purposes is to strengthen the core that with time will impact body alignment and balance.

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