DanceQuick Change Secrets | A Dancers Guide — A Dancer's Life

Quick Change Secrets | A Dancers Guide — A Dancer’s Life


For those that have consecutive dances in their concert schedule, we’ve got a plan! If the choreography permits you to exit the stage in your first dance, stay off stage for the remainder of the song and begin your quick change. When the choreography doesn’t permit you to do so, make your dance teacher aware. Next, rehearse and pinpoint a time in the dance appropriate for you to leave the stage for your quick change. If you still require more time, ensure that the lights are out until you’re ready. Understandably, this is not possible at every event and may only be achievable at a dance school concert.

To stop you from feeling ill prepared, try implementing these secrets into your next quick change. Remember, there’s no harm in asking for assistance as those helpers have most likely experienced a quick change and know how to go about it in a calm and professional manner. Before you know it, you’ll be quick changing from one dance to the next like a pro.

Article by Lara Divitcos

Photography by Elly Ford

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