DanceCameron Field | Give It Your All — A Dancer's Life

Cameron Field | Give It Your All — A Dancer’s Life

E: How did dance first become a part of your life?

CF: Dance has honestly been around for as long as I can remember. From the day I was born until around age ten – my Mum owned a Gymnastics Academy that also had a Dance Studio attached. I remember being thrown around on a trampoline by my amazing gymnast of a Mum, to then running into the Dance Studio to dance to ‘Go Speed Racer Go’. From then I moved to a dedicated Dance Studio and this is where the real love blossomed.

E: You’ve mentioned you were working professionally by age thirteen, how did this happen (and when did you realise this was something you wanted to pursue as a career)?

CF: I attended Planetdance, Menai which is one of Sydney’s most sought after performing arts studios specialising in Musical Theatre. The opportunities I received at Planetdance were like no other. I remember attending my first audition for an Opera and got the part. It was small, but certainly started a flame of loving everything involved; from the rehearsal schedule, to performing at the prestigious Sydney Opera House, meeting audience members at Stage Door post- show, and being inspired by every artist on that stage. It’s a feeling I will never forget!

E: In what moments are you happiest as a dancer?

CF: I am happiest as a dancer when I am on stage. The feeling I get up there is unmatched. I love when the music is super loud, the lights are shining bright and you feel like the only person in the room. I would always feel this way with every opportunity on stage – especially with The Dream Dance Company, performing in shows at ADF (Australian Dance Festival) or Show Business.


E: What’s something you’re passionate about?

CF: I am very passionate about my craft as an artist. Putting my all into everything that comes my way. Primarily dance, but truly anything! I also stand by being a good person to all around you as I believe this will always come back in good favour.

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