CelebrityWho Are West Duchovny's Parents?

Who Are West Duchovny’s Parents?

David has been a part of Hollywood for nearly four decades, so it’s safe to say he knows a little about how the industry works. And because of that, he was a bit hesitant when West decided to follow in her parent’s career footsteps. “My daughter West is acting. She majored in English in college, just like I did. I’m always scared of anybody I love getting into acting, especially a child of mine,” he told America’s Closer Magazine (via Yahoo!) in June 2022. “But I think she has a toughness to her that can help her survive.”

In April 2018, David gushed over West, sharing on Instagram that the day she was born changed his life forever. “April 24, 1999. This happened. West happened,” he wrote alongside a throwback photo. “And I’ll never be the same. Happy birthday, my daughter. Love, Dad.”

While David is widely known for his acting skills, he is also a talented musician who has continued to tour the world as of 2023.

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