CelebrityThe Untold Truth Of Hollywood Medium's Tyler Henry

The Untold Truth Of Hollywood Medium's Tyler Henry

Tyler Henry isn’t even 30, but he’s already managed to charm half of Hollywood… by speaking with their dead relatives. The young clairvoyant first discovered his unique ability when he was only 10 years old. Today, he’s the star of “Hollywood Medium” and Netflix’s “Life After Death,” as well as the author of two bestselling books about the other side.
Giving grave warnings to celebrities and finding love through the spirit world just come naturally for this clairvoyant. Henry may be Hollywood’s favorite medium, but does he really know what happens when we die? You might be surprised. This is the untold truth of “Hollywood Medium’s” Tyler Henry.

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The night that changed everything | 0:00
Early high school graduation | 0:58
A ministroke at 18 | 1:41
Almost another career | 2:23
The Alan Thicke prediction | 3:03
A grief vampire | 3:50
Hes not Macaulay Culkin | 4:23
His fans favorite clients | 5:12
Bestselling author | 5:50
Life after death | 6:54
A long waiting list | 8:16
Between two Coreys | 9:10
Connected by a dead grandfather | 10:05
Dead relatives can ruin relationships | 10:45
What happens after we die | 11:24
Code names | 12:16
A big RuPaul fan | 13:01
Henrys dream client | 13:48

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