CelebrityThe Smartest Celebrities In Hollywood

The Smartest Celebrities In Hollywood

You may not have seen all of them on Celebrity Jeopardy, but all of these stars would definitely be great teammates on trivia night. These are the celebrities who have degrees from Harvard, Mensa memberships, and ridiculously high IQs. Some of them you probably knew about or at least could have guessed, while others may come as a complete surprise. Regardless, these are the stars who were at the top of their class, even if some of their career decisions may suggest otherwise. Let’s take a look at a few of the smartest celebrities in Hollywood and their academic pursuits.

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Conan O’Brien | 0:00
Geena Davis | 1:01
Dolph Lundgren | 1:29
Angela Bassett | 1:54
Cindy Crawford | 2:17
David Duchovny | 2:39
Natalie Portman | 3:09
Emma Watson | 3:37
John Legend | 4:09

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