CelebrityThe Rudest Celebs In Hollywood, According To Other Stars

The Rudest Celebs In Hollywood, According To Other Stars

We all know who the famously rude celebrities are — the ones you would never approach no matter how much you love their work. Then there are the ones you might not know about, but whom other celebrities have said are quite unpleasant, despite their friendly personas. Everyone has bad days, so it’s possible these were just isolated incidents, but they clearly left an impression regardless.

From the talk show host who was both shaken and stirred after his encounter with 007 to the bizarre feud between a sitcom star and a member of KISS, here are some of the rudest celebrities in Hollywood, according to other stars.

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Pierce Brosnan | 0:00
Gene Simmons | 1:21
Ariana Grande | 2:18
Christina Aguilera | 3:07
Charlize Theron | 3:58
Gary Lightbody from Snow Patrol | 5:05
Jon Hamm | 5:54
Michael Jordan | 6:52
Lea Michele | 7:49
Jennifer Lawrence | 8:40

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