CelebrityThe Most Conceited Stars In Hollywood

The Most Conceited Stars In Hollywood

In Hollywood, it bodes well for your career if you are talented. However, it’s the right looks and sheer confidence that can make you a star — it’s just the lay of the land.

In a town where confidence goes a long way, egos are bound to be enlarged to proportions unknown to us regular people. It’s why it’s not uncommon to witness and read about arrogant behavior displayed by some of the industry’s biggest stars.

Who are these conceited celebs who could use a little grounding in their life? We’ve compiled a list just for you. Watch to find out about these inflated egos!

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Quentin Tarantino loves himself | 0:00
JLo’s got an ego | 1:10
Adam Levine’s healthy self-esteem | 2:27
Ariana Grande: Oh baby | 3:12
Bradley Cooper, is that you? | 3:54

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