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Sexiest Movies of All Time

In our humble opinion, sexy movies should be their own genre, just like dramas, comedies, and thrillers. Of course, when a movie gets an NC-17 rating, it’s usually a pretty good indication that some raunchy stuff is going down. And when we say sexy movies, we’re not just talking about movies with tons of eye candy or sweet and tender rom-coms. No, we’re talking about down-and-dirty flicks that you would be mortified to watch with your parents — that might even make you blush when you watch on your own.

But let’s be honest, sexiness isn’t always just about sex. Sexy stories are full of passion, because sometimes the sexiest thing a person can do is tell you how much they’re devoted to you or show you how much you mean to them. Tell us you haven’t gotten all hot and bothered when a partner bent over backward to praise you and lift you up like the royalty that you are. Now that is some sexy stuff!

But of course we love a steamy, sexy movie just as much as you do. We’ve rounded up some of the hottest movies of all time — from raunchy flicks to passionate love stories — and it goes without saying that a lot of these are strictly NSFW. See the sexiest movies of all time ahead.

— Additional reporting by Hedy Phillips and Charlotte Kho

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