CelebrityRyan Trahan or Brad Pitt? Asking Hollywood Tourists Who's More Famous #ryantrahan...

Ryan Trahan or Brad Pitt? Asking Hollywood Tourists Who's More Famous #ryantrahan #shorts

I asked Hollywood tourists who’s more popular: celebrities or creators? To find out just how far the creator economy has come. The comparisons started off with Ryan Trahan who has become known for his Penny Series and Brad Pitt who recently starred in Bullet Train and became famous for his work in Fight Club. Then I asked about Dude Perfect versus The Beatles, followed by Liza Koshy and Eddie Murphy who is set to start in Netflix’s You People. From there I asked about Casey Neistat vs George Clooney, MrBeast (also known as Jimmy Donaldson) vs Tom Hanks, MKBHD vs Steve Jobs, Logan Paul vs Tom Hanks, Graham Stephan or Bill Gates, James Charles or Gwenyth Paltrow, Faze Banks or MJ, Jeffree Star or Jessica Alba, and lastly Madison Beer or Madonna.

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