CelebrityRobert Pattinson | House Tour | Famous Los Feliz Home & Hollywood...

Robert Pattinson | House Tour | Famous Los Feliz Home & Hollywood Villa

Robert Pattinson | House Tour | Famous Los Feliz Home & Hollywood Villa
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Robert Pattinson, the once hesitant movie star, is making a big comeback as you probably already know – he’s going to be the next Batman. Despite his Hollywood success, he’s tried to stay low-key – which could explain why his current home is pretty modest. Although back around the Kristen Stewart days, the actor resided in an iconic Los Feliz mansion and a stunning property in Bel Air, some might say his current Hollywood house is a downgrade. But Robert likes his villa-style residence just fine. We’ll take a look at some of the properties Robert’s called home – we even found the listings. Robert Pattinson is an English actor who began his journey acting in a London theatre club at the young age of 15. Fellow Harry Potter fans will no doubt remember his big break in the film when he was cast as Cedric in Harry Potter and the goblet of fire. Robert starred as the lead in the Twilight films as none other than Edward Cullen. The 5 movie installations came out during 2008-2012 and earned a combined, massive total of 3.3 billion dollars worldwide. Not to mention it brought Robert worldwide fame and established him among the highest-paid actors in the world. Thanks to playing Edward Cullen, and also for having a whirlwind and dramatic relationship with his co-star Kristen Stewart, Robert was definitely the center of a ton of media attention – whether he wanted to be in the public eye or not. Despite starring in romantic dramas, and being offered big-budget film roles, Robert has often preferred starring in more independent productions. This is one reason his role in Batman is a big deal. It seems the man likes staying out of the immediate Hollywood circle and likes his privacy. When you see his house, you might agree that Robert is on the more modest side.

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