CelebrityPepsi’s 10 Most Memorable Commercials of All Time

Pepsi’s 10 Most Memorable Commercials of All Time

In the early 1990s, blues and R&B singer Ray Charles was the face of Pepsi. He helped popularize the slogan “You got the right one baby, uh huh” after appearing in a number of commercials for the brand, including the “Wise Guy” ad. In the commercial, Charles plays the piano, turns to the camera, and reveals that his favorite drink (the only one that “does it for Ray”) is a Diet Pepsi. When Charles takes a sip of the drink, clearly a Coke, he immediately can taste the difference and jokingly says, “Now, who’s the wise guy?” After getting the Pepsi, he utters the catchphrase, “Now that’s the right one, baby!” Nothing flashy in this commercial; just classic fun.

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