CelebrityMarilyn Manson | House Tour 2020 | Hollywood Hills Mansion & His...

Marilyn Manson | House Tour 2020 | Hollywood Hills Mansion & His ‘Dark Lair’

Marilyn Manson | House Tour 2020 | Hollywood Hills Mansion & His ‘Dark Lair’
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With the release of his new studio album, We Are Chaos, we can assume Marilyn Manson has been busy writing tunes during the global pandemic. I’m a huge fan of his, but even I find that where he calls home has always been somewhat of a mystery. Dubbed “The Vampire of the Hollywood Hills” by Rolling Stone before, Mr Manson has mostly lived in LA over the years. But is his home as creepy as you’d assume? Well, he did move into a haunted house in 2015. We’ll take a look at where Marilyn Manson has called home over the years and after serious digging I even found some of the listings.
Brian Warner known to us all as Marilyn Manson is a singer, songwriter, record producer, actor and more who is infamous for his controversial stage personality and image. Despite his reputation in the 90s painting him as a negative influence on young people, he’s had a handful of albums reach platinum and found a ton of success. To this day, Mr Manson is still touring and releasing new music. His latest album – titled We Are Chaos just came out so it seems he’s been keeping busy. You’d think with his long running career, the man would have a larger net worth but it currently sits at an estimated 10 Million dollars.

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