CelebrityMalala Yousafzai Reacts to the Barbie Movie With Her Husband

Malala Yousafzai Reacts to the Barbie Movie With Her Husband

Barbie has worn many hats throughout her diverse and impressive career, which now includes a Nobel Prize. In an Instagram post on July 30, Malala Yousafzai joined in on the “Barbie” fun by sharing a photo of herself and her husband, Asser Malik standing in a life-size Barbie box. After seeing Greta Gerwig’s highly anticipated movie, the 26-year-old education activist shared her reaction to the film and wrote, “This Barbie has a Nobel Prize.” She added, “He’s just Ken.”

Although Emma Mackey’s Barbie character does have a Nobel Prize in the film, outside of Barbieland, Yousafzai is the youngest person to ever win a Nobel Peace Prize. She received the award in 2014 for her activism, fighting for women’s empowerment and their right to an education. Her efforts resulted in her challenging Taliban restrictions on education in Mingora, Pakistan, where she was eventually shot by a masked gunman as a result of her efforts. Since the 2012 attack, she has continued to heal and advocate for women all around the world.

In her caption, Yousafzai added that the two “loved” the movie, giving “Barbie” a big, pink stamp of approval. “It was so funny and thoughtful,” she said. “I hope this caption doesn’t hurt all the Kens as much as the movie Ken.” Thankfully, Malik seemed largely unscathed by her jokes, responding to the post with a hilarious “Barbie” reference of his own in the comments section: “I’m Kenough.”

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