CelebrityLuke Evans Trained Like A Navy Seal For 'Echo 3' | Train...

Luke Evans Trained Like A Navy Seal For ‘Echo 3’ | Train Like | Men’s Health

Being a soldier takes years of mental and physical training, so when Luke Evans took on the challenge of playing a delta soldier in ‘Echo 3’- he learned from the best of the best. Training in the gym, at the shooting range, and even in the jungle, these challenges helped Luke channel ‘Bambi.’ Watch along as Luke tells stories of his intense training and how you can achieve his favorite workout, the crocodile crawl, at home.

0:00 Intro
0:18 Echo 3 – Real Life Soldiers
1:10 The Training
1:32 The Workout
1:45 Face Pull
2:09 Crocodile Crawl
2:50 Suspension Trainer Pushup w/ Knee Drive
3:18 Resistance Band Bicep Curls
3:30 Outro

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