CelebrityHulu's Saint X: Trailer, Cast, Release Date

Hulu’s Saint X: Trailer, Cast, Release Date

Hulu is coming out with its own “The White Lotus”-esque vacation story gone terribly wrong with a haunting new series seemingly inspired by a true story. “Saint X,” based on Alexis Schaitkin’s critically acclaimed 2020 novel of the same name, follows the harrowing story of a young woman named Alison who goes missing while on a tropical getaway with her family.

The captivating true-crime tale is recalled through multiple timelines as Alison’s family desperately try to get to the bottom of the mystery of her death. “This was not an accident, and everyone knows it,” Alison’s father says tearfully in the show’s trailer, which arrived on April 6.

Though “Saint X” — which is executive produced by big names like Drake and Future — is billed as an original scripted drama from Hulu, the series’s plot may seem familiar to those who know the real-life story of Natalee Holloway, an 18-year-old high-school student whose mysterious disappearance while in Aruba on a class trip in May 2005 made international headlines. Her body was never found, and to this day, her parents, Dave and Beth Holloway, are searching for answers. Her disappearance was even examined in a 2017 Oxygen docuseries with her family’s longtime private investigator, T.J. Ward, to unearth more facts.

“Saint X,” however, may more closely follow Schaitkin’s book — which details the bond between two sisters who never truly got a chance to know each other — as the perspective of Alison’s sister (named Claire in the novel) is teased at the start of the show’s trailer. “My sister’s murder was headline news for years,” she says in the clip. “The whole world knows more than I do.”

Scroll ahead for everything we know about “Saint X,” including the cast, plot details, and release date.

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