CelebrityHow Many Kids Does Jamie Lee Curtis Have?

How Many Kids Does Jamie Lee Curtis Have?

Ruby Guest was adopted shortly after her birth in 1996. Curtis was initially not looking to have more children, but she told Pact’s Point of View in 1997 that Ruby’s adoption process came together in a magical way. “I would have said no to any more children because Annie was 9. . . . But a set of circumstances occurred, all of which were celestial. It was serendipitous and involved a friend of mine who died last year. Five or six events came together, all of which resulted in our family growing within four days,” she explained.

In 2020, Ruby came out as transgender to her parents. She opened about about the moment to People a year later in October 2021, saying, “It was intimidating — but I wasn’t worried. They had been so accepting of me my entire life.”

For Curtis, the process hasn’t come without bumps, but she is dedicated nonetheless to loving her daughter. “You slow your speech down a little. You become a little more mindful about what you’re saying. How you’re saying it. You still mess up, I’ve messed up today twice. We’re human,” the actor told the outlet.

She opened up further about her relationship with Ruby at a San Diego Comic-Con panel on July 22, per People. “I have a trans daughter. I don’t know many trans people, so I have sought to learn,” she said. “I’m a student. I’m not going to pretend I know anything because I don’t know anything. But you start to learn. I think that’s the biggest message, that we’re all learning. We’re all learners, and we’re all trying to figure it out.”

Ruby, who works for a gaming channel on YouTube as a video editor, tied the knot with her partner Kynthia in a World of Warcraft-themed wedding on May 29. “Everybody at the wedding is going to be in costume and I will be in a costume to officiate the wedding,” Curtis said prior to the nuptials on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

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