CelebrityHollywood Celebrities Who Fathered Illegitimate Children

Hollywood Celebrities Who Fathered Illegitimate Children

Did you know about their secret children and the affairs they came from?

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00:27 – Clark Gable
01:43 – Clint Eastwood
03:23 – Arnold Schwarzenegger
04:15 – Eric Clapton
05:20 – Chuck Norris
06:06 – Joe Jackson
06:52 – Outro

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Hollywood celebrities often seem larger than life, so it’s easy to forget that even our favorite stars are still humans who frequently make mistakes. Thanks to constant media attention as well as the glamour that surrounds them, stars often end up making the same mistakes as the rest of us but on a much bigger scale. The same can be said for a very particular brand of scandal: illegitimate and secret children. While affairs can often be easy to hide, the sons and daughters born from them tend to announce themselves sooner or later, sometimes even many decades after the fact. These children rile the public imagination, change the lives of their famous fathers, break up marriages, take up after their fathers, and often just want to belong.

Even so, not all celebrity fathers are ready to accept the burdens of parenthood. One of the famous Hollywood actors that we talk about in this video actually doesn’t even know how many love children he actually has!

In this video we are going to talk about the unbelievable stories of five Hollywood celebrities who had children from extramarital affairs, whether they lasted years or a single night. Some of these fathers embraced their kids and involved them in their lives from the beginning, others hid their children from public eye, and some didn’t even realize that they had them in the first place! This video features famous stars including Clark Gable, Clint Eastwood, Eric Clapton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chuck Norris, and Joe Jackson. Did you know about their secret children and the affairs they came from?

Let us know whose story shocked you the most – and whose children seem the most like their fathers! If we missed one, let us know so that we can include that story in our future videos.

Hollywood Celebrities Who Fathered Illegitimate Children


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