CelebrityHalloween Costume Tips From Scream's Costume Designer

Halloween Costume Tips From Scream’s Costume Designer

When it came to creating Ghostface’s costume for “Scream 6,” Plewes says she wanted to put her own spin on the classic character. While she pretty much replicated the robe used in “Scream 5,” she added the fringes that come down from Ghostface’s sleeves. “I wanted to call them the ‘Ghostface wings,'” she says. “. . . I wanted those to feel different and new.” She also made sure each of the robe’s “wings” included six pieces of fabric, signifying the sixth movie.

Putting together your own Ghostface Halloween costume is pretty easy, Plewes says, mostly because “you can literally just go buy it at the store.” Of course, some diehard Scream fans might not even need to make the trip to the nearest Spirit Halloween. “I think most true Scream fans have a Ghostface mask,” she adds.

As for why the costume itself is so terrifying and iconic, Plewes explains that it might be because of “how anonymous [it] feels, because the robe is so big and oversized. You can’t really tell the . . . gender or the shape of the body or how the person presents themselves, because the robe is so overpowering and domineering.” The robe’s sheer size also contributes to the costume’s scariness, as does the mask itself. “The mask is such a piece of art in itself that the way it catches the light really can feel jarring,” she notes.

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