CelebrityFake Celebrity Friendships That Were Made Up By Hollywood

Fake Celebrity Friendships That Were Made Up By Hollywood

Hollywood is made up of talented actors and actresses. How is it possible that seemingly inseparable besties on-screen can completely shut each other out after filming a series or at the closing of an important event? It most certainly is.

Sometimes, it benefits a celebrity to play the part of a best friend in order to get some positive PR, and other times, the friendships were completely made up by rumors in Hollywood. Are Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian besties in real life, or are their selfies and smiles all for show?

Here’s a roundup of fake celebrity friendships that were totally made up by Hollywood.

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Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian | 0:00
Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall | 0:59
Bea Arthur and Betty White | 1:42
Lauren Graham and Scott Patterson | 2:09
Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan | 2:58

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