CelebrityEmily in Paris: What Happened in Season 3?

Emily in Paris: What Happened in Season 3?

The highly-anticipated season three of “Emily in Paris” is finally here and it’s très magnifique! Season two left our favorite “dopamine-dressed” Emily Cooper heartbroken after discovering Gabriel and Camille back together, and she’s torn between staying in Paris or going back to Chicago. The new season now finds a fringe-haired Emily experiencing an existential crisis while balancing two jobs and a relationship with a certain British suit who’s apparently best friends with Gabriel. The drama reaches a fever pitch with all the secrets and a love interest for Mindy, and while Sylvie’s professional life has never been better, her love life is about to get even messier. Here, we’re breaking down where all the characters end up by the finale… and you’re going to want to grab something stronger than Champére for this!

Major spoilers ahead!

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