CelebrityChris Appleton and Lukas Gage Relationship Timeline

Chris Appleton and Lukas Gage Relationship Timeline

When the couple showed up to the Daily Front Row’s seventh annual Fashion Los Angeles Awards with matching rings on their left hands, fans naturally assumed the two had gotten married. During the event, Appleton received the award for hair artist of the year and name-dropped Gage during his acceptance speech, per E! News. “Thank you to Lukas for being my rock and putting up with me,” he said. “And making me feel perfect when I know I’m not.”

Kardashian, who presented the award to Appleton, gushed over his new relationship with Gage after she returned to the stage following his speech. “I’m so happy he’s in a relationship right now and that it’s out there because I’m so tired of all my girlfriends and guy friends asking me if you’re available, and who my hot guy is who is always with me,” she joked.

POPSUGAR confirmed the couple obtained their wedding license in Clark County, NV, on April 22.

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