CelebrityBest Romance Books of 2023

Best Romance Books of 2023

Curtis Sittenfeld challenges the gender norms of the novel’s titular genre, “Romantic Comedy.” Getting people to laugh is fuel for Sally Milz, a sketch writer at the late-night comedy show The Night Owls. When her coworker Danny Horst begins dating celebrity actress guest star Annabel, Sally uses the moment to craft a cutting sketch about the differences when it comes to dating and appearances. Why is it that a charming, albeit average, man can pull a date with the It girl of Hollywood, but that scenario rarely happens when the gender roles are switched? Sally’s answer comes in the form of Noah Brewster, a pop star with a notorious reputation for dating models, who is The Night Owls’ latest guest appearance, and for some reason, she can’t get him off her mind. Together, the pair become an unstoppable comedy duo during Noah’s tenure on the show, but Sally knows that, in reality, girls like her and guys like him never get the happily ever after… or do they?

Release date: April 4

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