CelebrityBest Pop Culture Halloween Costumes 2023

Best Pop Culture Halloween Costumes 2023

Image Sources: HBO / Everett Collection / Getty / Kevin Mazur and Photo Illustration: Ava Cruz

Halloween is fast approaching, and fortunately, the past year has been a great one for movies, TV, and pop culture on the whole. There’s been a huge variety of iconic cultural touchstones in 2023, from “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer” to Rihanna’s unforgettable Super Bowl Halftime show, and there are a lot lot of options choose from if you’re looking for a timely, relevant, and fun Halloween costume.

Of course, sometimes there’s nothing like a classic Halloween costume to get into the spirit of spooky season, and a good old-fashioned witch, ghost, or black cat costume is always a good choice. Other times, you need to opt for a super easy DIY costume if you’re feeling like keeping things simple . . . or if you waited until the last minute.

But an ultra-timely and current costume can be a great way to provoke fun reactions from all your friends. Whether you go trick-or-treating as Kendall Roy from “Succession,” Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner, or the cockroach from the Met Gala red carpet, all these costumes will provoke surprise, delight, and probably a few fun discussions about the pop culture event you’ve chosen to embody. Read on to discover the best pop culture Halloween costumes of 2023.