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35 Holiday-Themed Horror Movies | POPSUGAR Entertainment

Listen, a scary movie with ghosts, murderers, and bloody guts may not scream festive holiday fare, but that’s OK. Some people (read: us) love horror movies any time of year, even if it’s the most wonderful time of year. Holiday horror movies run the gamut, from Santa Claus killing people to Santa Clauses being killed. It’s truly a holly-jolly holiday in the land of horror movies.

If you’re looking for something a bit different to watch this holiday season, instead of a sugary Christmas confection of a film, a horror movie could be a fun twist. What’s fun is that not all horror movies are downright scary. On this list, in fact, you’ll find several horror comedies or low-budget thrillers that are so beyond campy, they’re just plain cheesy. If you don’t handle horror well, these could be a great watch for a snowy day stuck inside.

Some of these movies, though, are terrifying, whether it’s because they’re just really well-made in their storytelling or so relatable that you fear it could be your own story. Many women can relate to being cornered in a parking garage by men who have devious thoughts — and that’s exactly the story you’ll get with While She Was Out, starring Kim Basinger. What starts as a story on Christmas Eve turns into one of a woman fighting for her life so she can get home to her kids.

You then have the Gingerdead Man trilogy, and, no, that’s not a typo. These movies feature a killer gingerbread man made from the ashes of an executed and cremated murderer, and every entry is even more off the wall than the one before. For some belly laughs and plenty of cringing, these three movies absolutely must make your Christmas watch list.

But don’t worry, there’s plenty of everything on this list to suit whatever holiday horror movie day you have in mind. Read on to plan your next holiday horror binge.

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