Celebrity20 Celebrities With The Most Strict Diets & Workouts

20 Celebrities With The Most Strict Diets & Workouts

Celebrities will go through intense training, workouts and some of the most strict diets for the acting roles they want to reach. These drastic fitness transformations made headlines because of the time and energy they put into changing their bodies.

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All of these fitness transformations were made by actors who wanted to fulfill a specific role that required a very different physique to the one that they currently had. You might wonder why these actors were picked for the role when the directors could simply pick someone for the part that already had a suitable physical appearance but it’s all part of the fun, right? But don’t think that these actors simply started eating their fruit and vegetables instead of reaching for a snack. And don’t assume that a simple 30 minutes of exercise a day was all they needed to put their bodies into a 720 degree spin.

The workouts and diets we’ll be showing you today definitely fit the “extreme” category and should not be taken on by anyone unless under the strict and watchful eye of a team of professionals. Which, luckily, all of these actors had!


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