CardioWould You Work Out Naked…At The Gym?

Would You Work Out Naked…At The Gym?

The Naked workout trend started in New York just started a few years ago, and it has some people either curious or absolutely terrified. We have to imagine that during COVID Naked workouts have vanished. We view the trend as primarily a publicity stunt for the place(s) that offered naked workouts.

You may have heard of naked yoga before, but this one definitely will have a lot more things, uh, jiggling around. And while there are segregated classes, for the boldest of us they have an integrated workout for both men and women.

The point of the naked workout is to allow you to focus parts of your body that will make you look good naked. We suppose that does make some sort of sense. If the point of getting a good workout is so you can strip down and feel good about yourself in front of the mirror, then you may as well see what needs the most help while you’re lifting, running, biking.

And if you like the idea, but aren’t yet comfortable taking the plunge, then the gyms offering the naked classes suggest wearing nude-colored underwear, though we think this is probably an all-or-nothing kind of deal. If you can’t exercise completely in the raw, then just head back to the regular gym.

And, well, we’re not going to offer Naked Cardio High at our studio. We’re pretty sure clients don’t want to share fan bikes or mats with naked butts… even if a towel is used. We figure clients can try the naked workout experience in their homes. Though if you come to a Zoom session without clothes, PLEASE turn off your camera.

-Shane M.

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