Cardio3G Cardio has earned the ‘Fit Prof Trifecta’ for 2020

3G Cardio has earned the ‘Fit Prof Trifecta’ for 2020


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When it comes to vibration training, the 3G Cardio 6 AVT ($4,999) and 5 AVT ($3,999) Vibration machines offer great value for their price points. The award-winning 3G Cardio AVT vibration machines can give users strength training and cardio benefits. Accelerated vibration training, also known as whole body vibration training, allows people to have the best of both worlds.

You can improve your muscle tone, physique and even overall health while performing AVT in less time and often with better results than through traditional exercise methods.

An article from explained the numerous benefits of vibration training. It pointed out that athletes such as Rafeal Nadal, Serena Williams, Olympian Rebecca Romero, and the whole NFL Broncos team get an extra edge through WBV Training.

“3G Cardio’s line of Accelerated Vibration Training (a.k.a. whole body vibration) units offers two fantastic options for consumers looking to invest in a vibration platform built around quality components and user friendly software,” the Fit Prof stated. “Compare and you will find that 3G over-powers the competition with class leading platforms, commercial grade components, dual consoles plus their proprietary iTunes Vibration Training app.

“Whether it is the robust 5.0 ATV or commercially rated 6.0 AVT, 3G Cardio cannot be beat and is our 2020 FIT PROF Head of the Class BESY BUY vibration platforms – its eighth consecutive win!”

To learn more about 3G Cardio fitness products or to order visit, call 888-888-7985, or visit one of the many fitness stores in North America that proudly carry 3G Cardio products.

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