BicycleWe took 10 road wheelsets to the wind tunnel, here are the...

We took 10 road wheelsets to the wind tunnel, here are the results

When it comes to buying aero wheels for a road bike, there are a few considerations cyclists need to make. Compatibility with your bike, groupset and brakes are naturally going to be top of the priority list to ensure you can actually use them, but that’s not exactly why we’re buying them in the first place, is it? Tyre compatibility is another factor, and while we all get passionate when discussing why we prefer tubeless or clincher tyres over the other, it’s still not what gets our blood pumping. 

There are two main motives when it comes to choosing the best road bike wheels: those worried about riding uphill will focus on weight, likely before rattling off a rant about rotating weight being worth double (a still annoyingly common myth), but for the majority of us, the most important metric will be aerodynamics. Want to go faster for less effort? Of course you do. 

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