BicycleObituary: Davide Rebellin, a life on two wheels

Obituary: Davide Rebellin, a life on two wheels

Six weeks ago, on the evening before his final professional race and in the middle of a long conversation that took in the peaks and valleys of his three decades in the peloton, the late Davide Rebellin was at pains to emphasise one thing: the Veneto Classic marked the end of a chapter, but the story of his life on two wheels was not complete.

“I go out on the bike because I’m following my passion. Sunday’s my last race, but Monday or Tuesday, I’ll already be back on the bike,” Rebellin said softly. “For me, it’s really a way of feeling good in myself. It’s my way of life. And I know it will be like that afterwards, too. I always said that I’d keep doing races for as long as I felt good. It’s going to be different now, but I’ll still be going out on the bike. It’s my way of feeling good.”

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