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I wanted to hold up a sign – ‘Get me out of here!’ – excerpt from Dan Martin’s book Chased by Pandas

In Dan Martin‘s new book Chased by Pandas: My Life in the Mysterious World of Cycling (opens in new tab), he reveals the inner workings of the sport. In this excerpt, Chapter 15: The Race of Broken Bones (The Fear of Destroying Your Body), he describes how his relationship with the Garmin-Slipstream team fell apart. Reprinted with permission from Quercus.

It hurt every time I caught my breath, thousands of times a day, until the pain became a part of me and of my routine. I put a lid on it but, deep inside me, it pushed and tapped, wanting to come out of its box, and at those moments a silent scream of agony ran through my head. What hurt the most was that I hadn’t chosen to be in this situation. I shouldn’t have been suffering. Instead of struggling every day, racing with broken ribs on Swiss roads at the Tour de Romandie, I should have been resting at home. But my team denied me that option. It prolonged the torment.

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