BicycleGarmin launches Edge Explore 2 and connected charging mount

Garmin launches Edge Explore 2 and connected charging mount

While many riders see their Garmin bike computer as as much a training aid as a navigation tool, not everyone is quite so focussed on performance. The Garmin Edge Explore range caters for those who want the ease of head unit navigation, without having to pay for training features they won’t use. The latest iteration, the Edge Explore 2, sees the usual slew of improvements like better battery life, but also dedicated eBike integration features thanks to the new Power Mount. 

For the everyday cyclist 

If you ride a bike then you’re a cyclist, you don’t necessarily have to be in lycra, know your FTP or wax your chain. Some riders just want to get from A to B easily without resorting to the faff of using a smartphone or a paper map. The new Edge Explore 2 caters for these riders, with a large three inch colour touchscreen, and all the inbuilt mapping and routing features you’d expect from a Garmin head unit, or any of the best cycling computers for that matter. While it lacks the training aids of the Edge 530, 830, 1030 or 1040 computers, it will allow you to use your own custom routes created on various platforms, along with mapping profiles for different types of riding, searchable points of interest, and highlighted high traffic areas to help you stick to quieter roads.

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