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Filippo Pozzato: We can’t take pressure out of bike racing, but we can make it more human

When Filippo Pozzato answers the phone, there is the faint sound of drilling in the background. He’s speaking from the office at Meccanica Sandrigo, on the outskirts of Vicenza, where he serves as the CEO. The company was part-owned by his late father, Carlo, and Pozzato took up his position last year, just as the coronavirus pandemic swept across northern Italy, emptying the factory floor and stifling demand for its products.

“I was able to do everything I did as a rider because my father made sure I never wanted for anything. So when he died, I told my mother it would be sad to sell everything. I said I would take it on and try to modernise it a bit,” Pozzato tells Cyclingnews

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