BicycleEurobike 2022 roundup: An all-encompassing tech recap

Eurobike 2022 roundup: An all-encompassing tech recap

Eurobike is the biggest bike show in Europe, as you can probably imagine from the name. It’s truly enormous, spanning multiple halls and multiple floor levels, along with a sizeable outdoor testing area. Brands use it to showcase new and existing tech, bikes, clothing, accessories, and some weird and wonderful miscellaneous stuff too. We spent two days wandering the halls sorting the wheat from the chaff so you can view an easy-to-digest highlight reel. 

There are some things that warranted a separate article in their own right, which allowed us to get into the nerdy tech details in a little more detail. These included the introduction of 3D printed chamois pads, the 350TPI criterium-specific tyres from Challenge, and Classified’s deal with seven wheel brands. For everything else, we’ll furnish you with all the key details below.

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