BicycleCadel Evans: 'Never say never' for Hindley’s chances of Tour de France...

Cadel Evans: ‘Never say never’ for Hindley’s chances of Tour de France win

Cadel Evans learned from Cyclingnews on Tuesday that the first Tour de France Jai Hindley has ever seen ‘live’ was back in 2011 when Evans himself powered to the victory. That knowledge made the elder Australian’s sense of ‘passing on the Grand Tour torch’ to his young compatriot Hindley, who won the overall title at the Giro d’Italia last Sunday, even more special.

“I think of all the things you do as a sportsperson – and you maybe give trophies or prize money or whatever – seven years after my last professional race, the thing I appreciate the most about it is hopefully being a good role model for my country and beyond,” Cadel Evans, who led the Giro d’italia in 2002, and again in 2010 and 2014,  told Cyclingnews.

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