BicycleAs Gore-Tex changes, does old technology like the Bioracer Kaaiman jacket have...

As Gore-Tex changes, does old technology like the Bioracer Kaaiman jacket have a bright future?

The challenge that I face in the American Pacific Northwest is that in the winter it’s also wet. I rarely experience days that are cold and dry and I’m hardly alone. Despite this common need, many of the products available focus on relatively warm wet weather or dry and cold. As I worked on updating our best winter cycling jackets buyers guide this year, I considered it part of my responsibility to find the options aimed at filling this gap in the market.

The Bioracer Kaaiman jacket stood out as different as soon as I looked at it. At the time I didn’t quite know why but I knew it wasn’t going to leak and that was enough to start down the path of investigation. Then the fact that it was different came up again as I worked on a deep dive into how PFC bans are set to change the face of all waterproof garments. It turns out the technology is a throwback and it might come up even more in the future. 

This jacket is one piece in a new narrative about how to stay dry and warm as the world changes, but is it good? Now that I’ve spent time testing it in a variety of situations, I’m ready to discuss what it does best and why you might choose the Kaaiman instead of something else. Keep reading if you, like me, are always intrigued by a new way to handle the coldest, wettest, winter riding. 

Bioracer Kaaiman rear view

The way the drop tail forms a pocket is one of the best features of this jacket (Image credit: Josh Ross)

Design and aesthetics 

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