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Free Space Technology Tour for the Classroom

Do your students know how a spacecraft gets to space? How about the cool technologies behind deep space communication? Go on a free, behind-the-scenes space technology tour from NASA’s Johnson Space Center and Space Center Houston! Teenage co-hosts Bryant and Olivia explore the Callisto technology demonstration aboard the Orion spacecraft. Plus, space expert and MIT engineer Emily Calandrelli gives insight into the space lingo and specifics that go into the technology.

Check Out the Space Technology Tour

Students will learn how the spacecraft makes its way to space, and they’ll explore new technologies being tested on board. You’ll also hear from the engineers behind it all. Hosted on Kahoot!, this interactive virtual tour pauses frequently for students to answer trivia questions along the way and spark friendly competition. Plus, the tour is aligned to NGSS, ISTE, and CSTA standards and comes with a free teacher guide and student worksheets.

How does the spacecraft get to space anyway?

Learn how the Orion spacecraft will launch into space on top of the Space Launch System rocket. Then, learn about the technologies used for communicating with Earth from deep space. Throughout the tour, students will discover how engineers are testing new technologies using radio waves, telemetry, and more.

Learn about science experiments that could change space travel forever!

Engineers from Lockheed Martin, Amazon Alexa, and Webex by Cisco are conducting research in space to find potential solutions to challenges astronauts face. These technological experiments could change space travel forever! Experiments include testing how a modern-day tablet can run flight software, making high-quality video communication possible in space, and bringing voice AI technology (like Alexa!) to the spacecraft.

Amazon space tour

Hear from the real engineers behind this amazing technology.

Are your students interested in engineering and STEM? Engineers from Lockheed Martin, Webex by Cisco, and Amazon talk about these awesome innovations, different engineering career paths, and how they became interested in this profession.

Check out a preview:

Don’t miss out on this amazing, free space technology tour! Your students will love following along with enthusiastic tour hosts and competing in Kahoot! quizzes along the way. Plus, get free classroom printables and swag to use with the tour.

Check Out the Space Technology Tour

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